What HavingInsurance.com does for you

HavingInsurance.com helps you to be sure you have the right policy for your needs - that having insurance is a good experience for you personally or your business; that you are happy with the insurer during the whole term of the policy, that your claims are being met to your satisfaction and that you can communicate with your insurance adviser or insurer direct.

Having the right insurance is crucial

This site is based upon the fact that having insurance is a key requirement in many aspects of one's personal or business life - so having the right insurance is crucial. You need to be absolutely clear about what you wish to be covered for and that indeed you are covered for it - you don't want unpleasant surprises when it comes to claiming. The insurance buying process should be as helpful and friendly as possible leaving you comfortable with its reality - which should be that you, your needs and your wishes are being treated seriously and correctly, and that you will achieve the right outcome. This website helps you to assess this.

Empowering you to make the right insurance decision

This site recognises that despite all the rules and regulations, despite all the good intentions and commitments to professionalism and value for money, some policies will be better than others for you, some comparison websites will not be as comprehensive or neutral as others, some insurers will not offer such good value as others, some brokers will not be as good as others. You have to be on top of the situation all the time when buying insurance. This website empowers you to do this.

HavingInsurance.com prepares you for going onto insurance sites, including comparison sites, or talking direct to insurers and insurance brokers. Indeed it opens your eyes to the insurance advice and insurance products from a wide range of insurance companies and brokers you wouldn't otherwise think about. HavingInsurance.com empowers you make a judgment about the sites, insurers or brokers you are dealing with, and when to continue interfacing with them or break off the contact.

Being comfortable with your insurance decision

This site sees it as vital that you should be comfortable with the policy and service you choose - not just when you make the buying decision but right through the full term of the policy. You want to be sure that if you have a query or complaint, if you need a policy adjustment or make a claim, you will be looked after properly - not only according to the letter of the rules, but also the spirit. You want to be comfortable that the insurer and policy are right for you - and the insurance broker you consult in the first place will truly help you with this. This website gives you the ability to be comfortable with all the aspects of your eventual insurance decision.

Whether it's personal or business insurance, the policy you take out is ultimately your decision