Meeting your motor insurance needs

Motor insurance is probably the most competitive area of insurance and there are lots of decisions for you to make about cover and price. The temptation might be to simply to do a search on the internet for the top 10 insurance companies, but before you even think of doing this be aware that everyone has particular motor insurance needs or priorities and that these are not necessarily catered for in the same way by insurers on a list, and certainly pricing will be different.

Certain types of cars - modified cars, performance cars and classic cars - require a more specialist approach. Young drivers will inevitably find it more expensive to insure their vehicles while female drivers, now affected by new European rules which have forced their premiums up, may want policies which offer female friendly benefits - so both should look particularly selectively at what is on offer.

Some motor insurers will offer you lower premiums if you have a tracking or monitoring device, e.g. an app or a box, to assess how well you are driving. That may sound a good idea, but you should decide whether you are comfortable with any possible psychological pressure and the prospect of premiums not being reduced if you don't score well.

So by all means look for the top 10 or 5 or whatever number of insurance companies, but be more specific. It should be the top 10 or top 5 insurance companies for your own needs.

As a business you may have to cover one or more vehicles for business purposes, or to cover vehicles which are solely or primarily for your business. There will be all sorts of choices to be made here too before you can draw any list up of top insurers..